Your Benefits

Until now, most of your vacations and trips abroad were for pleasure & relaxing.

We provide something extra- on top of the fun and rest, we offer a very meaningful experience with far-reaching benefits. Here’s how:

The Getaway

Escape your normal routine. Doing something meaningful, fun and new in an exciting location is a great way to spice up your life.

Rejuvenate & Relax

Your important contribution will very likely rejuvenate you, but be sure that plenty of relaxed, luxurious fun is a must on our adventures!

Doing Good Feels Great

The super, meaningful experience of doing good for others feels… well… super!

Discover New Cultures

Expose yourself to new traditions, languages and cultures by exploring new countries!

Make a difference !

Gain the ultimate sense of accomplishment knowing that you made a difference.

Form New Friendships

Meeting like-minded people in an exciting environment is bound to create lasting bonds.


Not all skills are like riding a bicycle. Actually, most are not.
Develop new skills. Rediscover lost ones.

Me, Planet Guardian

Social & eco-responsibility is something many people talk about but too few actually act upon – be one of the doers!