Your Impact

People often ask us, “Am I really making a difference?”
We believe the answer is a straightforward and proud, “Yes!”
In a nutshell, your contribution and impact is made in four major areas: your money, your working hands & attention, your influence on the education & horizons of the people you meet, and the understanding that you are an important link in the chain of influencers

1. money

We know you are paying good money to join our adventures.
We think it’s important for you to know how this money impacts the communities we visit:

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2. Working hands & compassionate attention

It’s probably true that the fence you are strengthening for the lions in Zimbabwe or the organic gardens you are building with the amazing children of Cape Town, could be done in half the time by a local expert but,

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3. Hands-on education

New people bring fresh perspectives, and this leads to broadening horizons.
This is especially true when working with children, where even short encounters can be very impactful:

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4. A link in a chain

Lastly, a common feedback we hear is, “I get it, and it’s true, but I am only coming for a week, is that even enough time to make an impact?”
The answer is again, “Yes!”, for two reasons:

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