Itay Asher

Co-Founder and Chief Rain Maker

Itay leads New Meaning’s marketing, business development, and strategy. His passion, expertise and track record lies in brand building and strategy. After over a decade of sales and marketing roles at The Coca-Cola Company and Unilever, followed by VP Marketing roles in two startups that were acquired (the ladder to, he set his mind to do well by doing good, therefore creating an empowering travel concept for babyboomers- New Meaning. Itay holds an MBA and an extended Law Degree from Tel Aviv University.

Jonathan Gilben

Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Jonathan leads the creation of New Meaning’s (and GoEco’s) adventures/offers, from the idea phase to the feedback sessions upon participants’ return home, and is in charge of partner relations and regulatory affairs.
After completing his B.A. in Environmental Studies, Jonathan volunteered at numerous conservation projects. His positive volunteering experiences led him to believe that other like-minded people would also enjoy similar opportunities. He completed his M.A. degree and went on to create GoEco.
Twelve years later, he co-founded New Meaning.

Jonathan Tal

Co-Founder and Chief of Getting Things Done

Jonathan leads the operations and sales of New Meaning (and GoEco).
He holds a B.A. in Geography Studies and has volunteered at wildlife and conservation projects in many countries around the world. Together with high school pal Jonathan Gilben, he founded GoEco in order to offer other people the chance to be involved in responsible, green tourism. New Meaning was founded in order to give baby boomers an equal chance to do so.